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    • Diagnosis of partial body radiation exposure in mice using peripheral blood gene expression profiles. 

      Meadows, Sarah K; Dressman, Holly K; Daher, Pamela; Himburg, Heather; Russell, J Lauren; Doan, Phuong; Chao, Nelson J; ... (10 authors) (PLoS One, 2010-07-12)
      In the event of a terrorist-mediated attack in the United States using radiological or improvised nuclear weapons, it is expected that hundreds of thousands of people could be exposed to life-threatening levels of ionizing ...
    • Epidermal growth factor regulates hematopoietic regeneration after radiation injury. 

      Doan, Phuong L; Himburg, Heather A; Helms, Katherine; Russell, J Lauren; Fixsen, Emma; Quarmyne, Mamle; Harris, Jeffrey R; ... (12 authors) (Nat Med, 2013-03)
      The mechanisms that regulate hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) regeneration after myelosuppressive injury are not well understood. We identified epidermal growth factor (EGF) to be highly enriched in the bone marrow serum of ...