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    • Determination of the Axial-Vector Weak Coupling Constant with Ultracold Neutrons 

      Liu, J; Mendenhall, MP; Holley, AT; Back, HO; Bowles, TJ; Broussard, LJ; Carr, R; ... (40 authors) (2010)
      A precise measurement of the neutron decay beta asymmetry A(0) has been carried out using polarized ultracold neutrons from the pulsed spallation ultracold neutron source at the Los Alamos Neutron Science Center. Combining ...
    • Humans and nature: How knowing and experiencing nature affect well-being 

      Russell, R; Guerry, AD; Balvanera, P; Gould, RK; Basurto, X; Chan, KMA; Klain, S; ... (9 authors) (Annual Review of Environment and Resources, 2013-10-01)
      Ecosystems provide many of the material building blocks for human well-being. Although quantification and appreciation of such contributions have rapidly grown, our dependence upon cultural connections to nature deserves ...
    • Where are cultural and social in ecosystem services? A framework for constructive engagement 

      Chan, KMA; Guerry, AD; Balvanera, P; Klain, S; Satterfield, T; Basurto, X; Bostrom, A; ... (17 authors) (BioScience, 2012-08-01)
      A focus on ecosystem services (ES) is seen as a means for improving decisionmaking. In the research to date, the valuation of the material contributions of ecosystems to human well-being has been emphasized, with less attention ...