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    • A three-dimensional culture system recapitulates placental syncytiotrophoblast development and microbial resistance. 

      McConkey, Cameron A; Delorme-Axford, Elizabeth; Nickerson, Cheryl A; Kim, Kwang Sik; Sadovsky, Yoel; Boyle, Jon P; Coyne, Carolyn B (Science advances, 2016-03-04)
      In eutherians, the placenta acts as a barrier and conduit at the maternal-fetal interface. Syncytiotrophoblasts, the multinucleated cells that cover the placental villous tree surfaces of the human placenta, are directly ...
    • ADAP2 Is an Interferon Stimulated Gene That Restricts RNA Virus Entry. 

      Shu, Qian; Lennemann, Nicholas J; Sarkar, Saumendra N; Sadovsky, Yoel; Coyne, Carolyn B (PLoS pathogens, 2015-09-15)
      Interferon stimulated genes (ISGs) target viruses at various stages of their infectious life cycles, including at the earliest stage of viral entry. Here we identify ArfGAP with dual pleckstrin homology (PH) domains 2 (ADAP2) ...
    • Chromosome 19 microRNAs exert antiviral activity independent from type III interferon signaling. 

      Bayer, Avraham; Lennemann, Nicholas J; Ouyang, Yingshi; Sadovsky, Elena; Sheridan, Megan A; Roberts, R Michael; Coyne, Carolyn B; ... (8 authors) (Placenta, 2018-01)
      INTRODUCTION:Cultured primary human trophoblasts (PHT), derived from term placentas, are relatively resistant to infection by diverse viruses. The resistance can be conferred to non-trophoblastic cells by pre-exposing them ...