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    • Parvimico materdei gen. et sp. nov.: A new platyrrhine from the Early Miocene of the Amazon Basin, Peru. 

      Kay, Richard F; Gonzales, Lauren A; Salenbien, Wout; Martinez, Jean-Noël; Cooke, Siobhán B; Valdivia, Luis Angel; Rigsby, Catherine; ... (8 authors) (Journal of human evolution, 2019-09)
      Three field seasons of exploration along the Río Alto Madre de Dios in Peruvian Amazonia have yielded a fauna of micromammals from a new locality AMD-45, at ∼12.8°S. So far we have identified the new primate described here ...
    • The Cenozoic History of the Andean Foreland in Southeastern Peru 

      Salenbien, Wout (2018)
      Results from two geographical study areas are presented in this dissertation, contributing important new information about the Cenozoic geological, environmental and biological regime. At the first locality along the Manu ...