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    • Information management in incentive problems 

      Lewis, TR; Sappington, DEM (Journal of Political Economy, 1997-08-01)
      We extend the standard procurement model to examine how an agent is optimally induced to acquire valuable planning information before he chooses an unobservable level of cost-reducing effort. Concerns about information ...
    • Motivating wealth-constrained actors 

      Lewis, TR; Sappington, DEM (American Economic Review, 2000-09-01)
      We examine how owners of productive resources (e.g., public enterprises or financial capital) optimally allocate their resources among wealth-constrained operators of unknown ability. Optimal allocations exhibit: (1) shared ...
    • Optimal industrial targeting with unknown learning-by-doing 

      Dinopoulos, E; Lewis, TR; Sappington, DEM (Journal of International Economics, 1995-05-01)
      We examine a government's optimal targeting policy when it has limited information about the learning curves of domestic producers. Popular arguments suggest that in order to promote learning-by-doing, the government might ...