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    • Deciding among green plants for whole genome studies. 

      Pryer, Kathleen M; Schneider, Harald; Zimmer, Elizabeth A; Ann Banks, Jo (Trends in plant science, 2002-12)
      Recent comparative DNA-sequencing studies of chloroplast, mitochondrial and ribosomal genes have produced an evolutionary tree relating the diversity of green-plant lineages. By coupling this phylogenetic framework to the ...
    • Ferns diversified in the shadow of angiosperms. 

      Schneider, Harald; Schuettpelz, Eric; Pryer, Kathleen M; Cranfill, Raymond; Magallón, Susana; Lupia, Richard (Nature, 2004-04)
      The rise of angiosperms during the Cretaceous period is often portrayed as coincident with a dramatic drop in the diversity and abundance of many seed-free vascular plant lineages, including ferns. This has led to the widespread ...
    • Phylogeny and evolution of ferns (monilophytes) with a focus on the early leptosporangiate divergences. 

      Pryer, Kathleen M; Schuettpelz, Eric; Wolf, Paul G; Schneider, Harald; Smith, Alan R; Cranfill, Raymond (American journal of botany, 2004-10)
      The phylogenetic structure of ferns (= monilophytes) is explored here, with a special focus on the early divergences among leptosporangiate lineages. Despite considerable progress in our understanding of fern relationships, ...