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    • Controlling Plasmon Coupling in Biomolecule-Linked Nanoparticle Assemblies 

      Sebba, David S (2008-07-30)
      Molecular control of plasmon coupling is investigated in biomolecule-linked nanoparticle assemblies in two-particle, small cluster, and extended network formats. The relationship between structure and optical properties ...
    • Leveraging nanoscale plasmonic modes to achieve reproducible enhancement of light. 

      Hill, Ryan T; Mock, Jack J; Urzhumov, Yaroslav; Sebba, David S; Oldenburg, Steven J; Chen, Shiuan-Yeh; Lazarides, Anne A; ... (9 authors) (Nano Lett, 2010-10-13)
      The strongly enhanced and localized optical fields that occur within the gaps between metallic nanostructures can be leveraged for a wide range of functionality in nanophotonic and optical metamaterial applications. Here, ...