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    • Neural systems for guilt from actions affecting self versus others. 

      Morey, Rajendra A; McCarthy, Gregory; Selgrade, Elizabeth S; Seth, Srishti; Nasser, Jessica D; LaBar, Kevin S (Neuroimage, 2012-03)
      Guilt is a core emotion governing social behavior by promoting compliance with social norms or self-imposed standards. The goal of this study was to contrast guilty responses to actions that affect self versus others, since ...
    • Staying cool when things get hot: emotion regulation modulates neural mechanisms of memory encoding. 

      Hayes, Jasmeet Pannu; Morey, Rajendra A; Petty, Christopher M; Seth, Srishti; Smoski, Moria J; McCarthy, Gregory; Labar, Kevin S (Front Hum Neurosci, 2010)
      During times of emotional stress, individuals often engage in emotion regulation to reduce the experiential and physiological impact of negative emotions. Interestingly, emotion regulation strategies also influence memory ...