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    • Hemorrhagic Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 Nephritis: An Unusual Cause of Acute Allograft Dysfunction. 

      Hemmersbach-Miller, M; Duronville, J; Sethi, S; Miller, SE; Howell, DN; Henshaw, N; Alexander, BD; ... (8 authors) (Am J Transplant, 2017-01)
      Interstitial nephritis due to viruses is well-described after solid organ transplantation. Viruses implicated include cytomegalovirus; BK polyomavirus; Epstein-Barr virus; and, less commonly, adenovirus. We describe a rare ...
    • Invariance Theorems for Supersymmetric Yang-Mills Theories 

      Sethi, S; Stern, Mark A (Adv.Theor.Math.Phys., 2017-06-01)
      We consider quantum mechanical Yang-Mills theories with eight supercharges and a $Spin(5) \times SU(2)_R$ flavor symmetry. We show that all normalizable ground states in these gauge theories are invariant under this flavor ...
    • Monopole and dyon bound states in N = 2 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theories 

      Sethi, S; Stern, Mark A; Zaslow, E (Nuclear Physics, Section B, 1995-12-25)
      We study the existence of monopole bound states saturating the BPS bound in N = 2 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theories. We describe how the existence of such bound states relates to the topology of index bundles over the moduli ...