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    • Active negative-index metamaterial powered by an electron beam 

      Alù, A; Shapiro, MA; Shvets, G; Temkin, RJ; Trendafilov, S; Urzhumov, Yaroslav A (Physical Review B - Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 2012-08-21)
      An active negative index metamaterial that derives its gain from an electron beam is introduced. The metamaterial consists of a stack of equidistant parallel metal plates perforated by a periodic array of holes shaped as ...
    • Complex k band diagrams of 3D metamaterial/photonic crystals. 

      Fietz, C; Shvets, G; Urzhumov, Yaroslav A (Opt Express, 2011-09-26)
      A finite element method (FEM) for solving a complex valued k(ω) vs. ω dispersion curve of a 3D metamaterial/photonic crystal system is presented. This 3D method is a generalization of a previously reported 2D eigenvalue ...
    • Phase conjugation and negative refraction using nonlinear active metamaterials. 

      Barrett, JP; Cummer, SA; Gu, S; Katko, AR; Popa, BI; Shvets, G (Phys Rev Lett, 2010-09-17)
      We present an experimental demonstration of phase conjugation using nonlinear metamaterial elements. Active split-ring resonators loaded with varactor diodes are demonstrated theoretically to act as phase-conjugating or ...