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    • Between two fern genomes. 

      Sessa, Emily B; Banks, Jo Ann; Barker, Michael S; Der, Joshua P; Duffy, Aaron M; Graham, Sean W; Hasebe, Mitsuyasu; ... (19 authors) (Gigascience, 2014)
      Ferns are the only major lineage of vascular plants not represented by a sequenced nuclear genome. This lack of genome sequence information significantly impedes our ability to understand and reconstruct genome evolution ...
    • Variation in frequency of plastid RNA editing within Adiantum implies rapid evolution in fern plastomes. 

      Fauskee, Blake D; Sigel, Erin M; Pryer, Kathleen M; Grusz, Amanda L (American journal of botany, 2021-05-09)
      <h4>Premise</h4>Recent studies of plant RNA editing have demonstrated that the number of editing sites can vary widely among large taxonomic groups (orders, families). Yet, very little is known about intrageneric variation ...