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    • Intertwining Narratives: The Copts and their Muslim Relations 

      Simon, Andrew (2010-10-04)
      Coptic-Muslim relations are often portrayed in black-and-white binaries. The Copts are the oppressed minority, whereas the Muslims are the aggressive majority; the Copts are practitioners of a subservient faith, while tthe ...
    • Rescuing the Mizrahi Jew: A Story of Heroes, Victims, Villains and Consequences 

      Simon, Andrew (2009-08-25)
      On December 7th, 1932 The Palestine Post announced that a community for Moroccan Jews would be established in Jerusalem. The cornerstone for the new community would be the stone the builder’s had previously cast aside. ...
    • The Iranian Hostage Crisis: A War of Words, not Worlds 

      Simon, Andrew (2008-10-20)
      U.S. media presented the Iranian hostage crisis as a decisive attack against America and therefore the American people. Initially, the media discussed only factual information on the crisis and referred to the players aaccording ...