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    • Burning a hole in the budget: tobacco spending and its crowd-out of other goods. 

      Busch, Susan H; Jofre-Bonet, Mireia; Falba, Tracy A; Sindelar, Jody L (Appl Health Econ Health Policy, 2004)
      Smoking is an expensive habit. Smoking households spend, on average, more than $US1000 annually on cigarettes. When a family member quits, in addition to the former smoker's improved long-term health, families benefit because ...
    • For better or for worse: Spousal concordance in health behavior change 

      Falba, Tracy; Sindelar, Jody L (2008-02)
      Objective. This study examines the degree to which a married individual’s health habits and use of preventive medical care are influenced by his or her spouse’s behaviors. Study Design. Using longitudinal data on individuals ...
    • The effect of involuntary job loss on smoking intensity and relapse. 

      Falba, Tracy; Teng, Hsun-Mei; Sindelar, Jody L; Gallo, William T (Addiction, 2005-09)
      AIMS: To assess the impact of involuntary job loss due to plant closure or layoff on relapse to smoking and smoking intensity among older workers. DESIGN, PARTICIPANTS, SAMPLE: Data come from the Health and Retirement Study, ...