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    • GRK5 Deficiency Leads to Selective Basal Forebrain Cholinergic Neuronal Vulnerability. 

      Burns, JM; Cheng, S; Ding, X; He, M; Li, L; Liu, J; Morgan, Dave; ... (13 authors) (Sci Rep, 2016-05-19)
      Why certain diseases primarily affect one specific neuronal subtype rather than another is a puzzle whose solution underlies the development of specific therapies. Selective basal forebrain cholinergic (BFC) neurodegeneration ...
    • PARTAKE survey of public knowledge and perceptions of clinical research in India. 

      Alam, S Munir; Alapati, B; Burt, T; Dhillon, S; Jain, S; Khan, D; Mittal, S; ... (10 authors) (PLoS One, 2013)
      BACKGROUND: A public that is an informed partner in clinical research is important for ethical, methodological, and operational reasons. There are indications that the public is unaware or misinformed, and not sufficiently ...