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    • H.M.'s personal crossword puzzles: understanding memory and language. 

      Skotko, Brian G; Rubin, David C; Tupler, Larry A (Memory, 2008-02)
      The amnesic patient H.M. has been solving crossword puzzles nearly all his life. Here, we analysed the linguistic content of 277 of H.M.'s crossword-puzzle solutions. H.M. did not have any unusual difficulties with ...
    • Puzzling thoughts for H. M.: can new semantic information be anchored to old semantic memories? 

      Skotko, Brian G; Kensinger, Elizabeth A; Locascio, Joseph J; Einstein, Gillian; Rubin, David C; Tupler, Larry A; Krendl, Anne; ... (8 authors) (Neuropsychology, 2004-10)
      Researchers currently debate whether new semantic knowledge can be learned and retrieved despite extensive damage to medial temporal lobe (MTL) structures. The authors explored whether H. M., a patient with amnesia, could ...