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    • Efficacy, Openness, Ingenuousness: Micro-Foundations of Democratic Engagement 

      Soboleva, Irina (2020-05-20)
      What drives civic engagement in weak democracies? What are the psychological processes responsible for overcoming post-authoritarian learned helplessness? This dissertation argues that in non-Western political contexts, ...
    • The globalizability of temporal discounting 

      Ruggeri, Kai; Panin, Amma; Vdovic, Milica; Većkalov, Bojana; Abdul-Salaam, Nazeer; Achterberg, Jascha; Akil, Carla; ... (171 authors)
      <jats:title>Abstract</jats:title><jats:p>Economic inequality is associated with preferences for smaller, immediate gains over larger, delayed ones. Such temporal discounting may feed into rising global inequality, yet it ...