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    • A Comparison Of Upper Limb Prostheses Users In Europe 

      Kyberd, Peter; Gow, David; Scott, Helen; Griffiths, Malcombe; Sperling, Lena; Jänsson, Stewe (1999)
      An important part of the design process is to be able to identify the needs of a target population. Once incorporated into the desigrts the information can then be incorporated in to the measurement of the success of the ...
    • A Totally Modular Arm Prosthesis 

      Kyberd, Peter J.; Gow, David; Sperling, Lena; Boman, Andreas (1999)
      While some groups and centres have attempted to promote greater levels of sophistication in exo-prosthetics it is only in the past couple of year s that the ideas of computer control to be applied in prostheses has received ...