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    • Characteristics and Delivery of Diabetes Shared Medical Appointments in North Carolina. 

      Drake, Connor; Kirk, Julienne K; Buse, John B; Edelman, David; Shea, Christopher M; Spratt, Susan; Young, Laura A; ... (8 authors) (North Carolina medical journal, 2019-09)
      BACKGROUND Successful diabetes care requires patient engagement and health self-management. Diabetes shared medical appointments (SMAs) are an evidence-based approach that enables peer support, diabetes group education, ...
    • Substance use disorders and medical comorbidities among high-need, high-risk patients with diabetes. 

      Wu, Li-Tzy; Ghitza, Udi E; Zhu, He; Spratt, Susan; Swartz, Marvin; Mannelli, Paolo (Drug and alcohol dependence, 2018-05)
      The majority of the U.S. healthcare resources are utilized by a small population characterized as high-risk, high-need persons with complex care needs (e.g., adults with multiple chronic conditions). Substance use disorders ...