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    • ENIGMA and the individual: Predicting factors that affect the brain in 35 countries worldwide. 

      Andreassen, OA; Arias-Vasquez, A; Bearden, CE; Boedhoe, PS; Brouwer, RM; Buckner, RL; Buitelaar, JK; ... (72 authors) (Neuroimage, 2017-01-15)
      In this review, we discuss recent work by the ENIGMA Consortium ( - a global alliance of over 500 scientists spread across 200 institutions in 35 countries collectively analyzing brain imaging, ...
    • Influence of HLA-C expression level on HIV control. 

      Apps, R; Bosch, R; Brumme, CJ; Brumme, ZL; Buchbinder, S; Carlson, JM; Carrington, Mary; ... (37 authors) (Science, 2013-04-05)
      A variant upstream of human leukocyte antigen C (HLA-C) shows the most significant genome-wide effect on HIV control in European Americans and is also associated with the level of HLA-C expression. We characterized ...
    • The Short-Run Stability of the Foreign Exchange Market 

      Stein, JL; Tower, Edward (Review of Economics and Statistics, 1967-05)