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    • A Variation on the Donsker-Varadhan Inequality for the Principial Eigenvalue 

      Lu, Jianfeng; Steinerberger, Stefan (2017-04-23)
      The purpose of this short note is to give a variation on the classical Donsker-Varadhan inequality, which bounds the first eigenvalue of a second-order elliptic operator on a bounded domain $\Omega$ by the largest mean first ...
    • Non-Convex Planar Harmonic Maps 

      Kovalsky, Shahar Z; Aigerman, Noam; Daubechies, Ingrid; Kazhdan, Michael; Lu, Jianfeng; Steinerberger, Stefan
      We formulate a novel characterization of a family of invertible maps between two-dimensional domains. Our work follows two classic results: The Rad\'o-Kneser-Choquet (RKC) theorem, which establishes the invertibility of harmonic ...
    • Riesz Energy on the Torus: Regularity of Minimizers 

      Lu, Jianfeng; Steinerberger, Stefan (2017-11-30)
      We study sets of $N$ points on the $d-$dimensional torus $\mathbb{T}^d$ minimizing interaction functionals of the type \[ \sum_{i, j =1 \atop i \neq j}^{N}{ f(x_i - x_j)}. \] The main result states that for a class of functions ...