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    • Humans and nature: How knowing and experiencing nature affect well-being 

      Russell, R; Guerry, AD; Balvanera, P; Gould, RK; Basurto, X; Chan, KMA; Klain, S; ... (9 authors) (Annual Review of Environment and Resources, 2013-10-01)
      Ecosystems provide many of the material building blocks for human well-being. Although quantification and appreciation of such contributions have rapidly grown, our dependence upon cultural connections to nature deserves ...
    • Where are cultural and social in ecosystem services? A framework for constructive engagement 

      Chan, KMA; Guerry, AD; Balvanera, P; Klain, S; Satterfield, T; Basurto, X; Bostrom, A; ... (17 authors) (BioScience, 2012-08-01)
      A focus on ecosystem services (ES) is seen as a means for improving decisionmaking. In the research to date, the valuation of the material contributions of ecosystems to human well-being has been emphasized, with less attention ...