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    • Bistability, Synthetic Biology, and Antibiotic Treatment 

      Tan, Cheemeng (2010)
      Bistable switches are commonly observed in the regulation of critical processes such as cell cycles and differentiation. The switches possess two fundamental properties: memory and bimodality. Once switched ON, the switches ...
    • The inoculum effect and band-pass bacterial response to periodic antibiotic treatment. 

      Tan, Cheemeng; Smith, Robert Phillip; Srimani, Jaydeep K; Riccione, Katherine A; Prasada, Sameer; Kuehn, Meta; You, Lingchong (Mol Syst Biol, 2012)
      The inoculum effect (IE) refers to the decreasing efficacy of an antibiotic with increasing bacterial density. It represents a unique strategy of antibiotic tolerance and it can complicate design of effective antibiotic ...