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    • High-Q hybrid 3D-2D slab-3D photonic crystal microcavity. 

      Tang, Lingling; Yoshie, Tomoyuki (Opt Lett, 2010-09-15)
      The radiation loss in the escaping light cone with a two-dimensional (2D) photonic crystal slab microcavity can be suppressed by means of cladding the low-Q slab microcavity by three-dimensional woodpile photonic crystals ...
    • Subwavelength-scale Light Localization in Complete Photonic Bandgap Materials 

      Tang, Lingling (2010)
      The objective of this dissertation work is to examine light localization in semiconductors provided by a complete photonic bandgap via three-dimensional (3D) woodpile photonic crystals. A 3D photonic crystal is a periodic ...