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    • Photoexcitation of astrophysically important states in Mg-26. II. Ground-state-transition partial widths 

      DeBoer, RJ; Wiescher, M; Görres, J; Longland, R; Iliadis, C; Rusev, G; Tonchev, AP (2010)
      The level structure of Mg-26 near the neutron-separation energy, which is of interest for s-process nucleosynthesis, was studied at the High Intensity Gamma-Ray Source of the Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory using ...
    • Spectral structure of the pygmy dipole resonance. 

      Tonchev, AP; Hammond, SL; Kelley, JH; Kwan, E; Lenske, H; Rusev, G; Tornow, W; ... (8 authors) (Phys Rev Lett, 2010-02-19)
      High-sensitivity studies of E1 and M1 transitions observed in the reaction 138Ba(gamma,gamma{'}) at energies below the one-neutron separation energy have been performed using the nearly monoenergetic and 100% linearly polarized ...