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    • Land Use, Macroalgae, and a Tumor-Forming Disease in Marine Turtles 

      Van Houtan, Kyle S; Hargrove, Stacy K; Balazs, George H (2010)
      Wildlife diseases are an increasing concern for endangered species conservation, but their occurrence, causes, and human influences are often unknown. We analyzed 3,939 records of stranded Hawaiian green sea turtles (Chelonia ...
    • US protected lands mismatch biodiversity priorities. 

      Jenkins, Clinton N; Van Houtan, Kyle S; Pimm, Stuart L; Sexton, Joseph O (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2015-04-06)
      Because habitat loss is the main cause of extinction, where and how much society chooses to protect is vital for saving species. The United States is well positioned economically and politically to pursue habitat conservation ...