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    • Plantar Loading During Cutting While Wearing a Rigid Carbon Fiber Insert. 

      Queen, Robin M; Abbey, Alicia N; Verma, Ravi; Butler, Robert J; Nunley, James A (J Athl Train, 2014-02-12)
      Context : Stress fractures are one of the most common injuries in sports, accounting for approximately 10% of all overuse injuries. Treatment of fifth metatarsal stress fractures involves both surgical and nonsurgical ...
    • Plantar loading during jumping while wearing a rigid carbon graphite footplate 

      Queen, Robin M; Verma, Ravi; Abbey, Alicia N; Nunley, James A; Butler, Robert J (Gait and Posture, 2014-02-01)
      Fifth metatarsal stress fractures are common in sports and often result in delayed and non-union. The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of a rigid carbon graphite footplate (CGF) on plantar loading during take-off ...