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    • BUBR1 recruits PP2A via the B56 family of targeting subunits to promote chromosome congression. 

      Xu, Peng; Raetz, Elizabeth A; Kitagawa, Mayumi; Virshup, David M; Lee, Sang Hyun (Biol Open, 2013-05-15)
      BUBR1 is a mitotic phosphoprotein essential for the maintenance of chromosome stability by promoting chromosome congression and proper kinetochore-microtubule (K-fiber) attachment, but the underlying mechanism(s) has remained ...
    • Experimental inhibition of porcupine-mediated Wnt O-acylation attenuates kidney fibrosis. 

      Madan, Babita; Patel, Mehul B; Zhang, Jiandong; Bunte, Ralph M; Rudemiller, Nathan P; Griffiths, Robert; Virshup, David M; ... (8 authors) (Kidney Int, 2016-05)
      Activated Wnt signaling is critical in the pathogenesis of renal fibrosis, a final common pathway for most forms of chronic kidney disease. Therapeutic intervention by inhibition of individual Wnts or downstream Wnt/β-catenin ...