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    • A framework for integrating the songbird brain. 

      Jarvis, ED; Smith, VA; Wada, K; Rivas, MV; McElroy, M; Smulders, TV; Carninci, P; ... (15 authors) (J Comp Physiol A Neuroethol Sens Neural Behav Physiol, 2002-12)
      Biological systems by default involve complex components with complex relationships. To decipher how biological systems work, we assume that one needs to integrate information over multiple levels of complexity. The songbird ...
    • Global view of the functional molecular organization of the avian cerebrum: mirror images and functional columns. 

      Chen, CC; Feenders, G; Hara, E; Horita, H; Howard, J; Jarvis, Erich David; Jarvis, Erich David; ... (19 authors) (J Comp Neurol, 2013-11)
      Based on quantitative cluster analyses of 52 constitutively expressed or behaviorally regulated genes in 23 brain regions, we present a global view of telencephalic organization of birds. The patterns of constitutively expressed ...
    • Radioactive in situ hybridization for detecting diverse gene expression patterns in tissue. 

      Chen, CC; Jarvis, Erich David; Wada, K (J Vis Exp, 2012-04-27)
      Knowing the timing, level, cellular localization, and cell type that a gene is expressed in contributes to our understanding of the function of the gene. Each of these features can be accomplished with in situ hybridization ...