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    • Neuroepithelial circuit formed by innervation of sensory enteroendocrine cells. 

      Bohórquez, DV; Shahid, RA; Erdmann, A; Kreger, AM; Wang, Y; Calakos, N; Wang, F; ... (8 authors) (J Clin Invest, 2015-02)
      Satiety and other core physiological functions are modulated by sensory signals arising from the surface of the gut. Luminal nutrients and bacteria stimulate epithelial biosensors called enteroendocrine cells. Despite being ...
    • Newborns of obese parents have altered DNA methylation patterns at imprinted genes. 

      Soubry, A; Murphy, SK; Wang, F; Huang, Z; Vidal, AC; Fuemmeler, BF; Kurtzberg, J; ... (11 authors) (International journal of obesity (2005), 2015-04)
      Several epidemiologic studies have demonstrated associations between periconceptional environmental exposures and health status of the offspring in later life. Although these environmentally related effects have been attributed ...