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    • Annual Trends in Plastics Policy: A Brief 

      Karasik, Rachel; Bering, Janet; Griffin, Madison; Diana, Zoie; Laspada, Christian; Schachter, Jonathan; Wang, Yifan; ... (9 authors) (2022-02-23)
      In 2020, the Plastics Policy Inventory and accompanying report, 20 Years of Government Responses to the Global Plastic Pollution Problem, were published, providing a baseline for the trends in government responses to the ...
    • Dancing in the Squares 

      Wang, Yifan (2015)
      “Guangchangwu,” or what is literally translated as “square-dancing,” is a form of public dance that has been exceedingly popular, albeit controversial, in China over recent years. Most of the participants are elderly women ...
    • Impact of Ecosystem Services Loss to Macroeconomic Productivity 

      Hermanson, Max; Chen, Mingyi; Vanasse, Sam; Wang, Yifan (2022-04-22)
      Ecosystem service losses pose an enormous threat not only to the environment, but also to businesses and society. The Duke student team helped its client, Ortec Finance, assess frameworks around ecosystem service losses ...