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    • CometChip enables parallel analysis of multiple DNA repair activities. 

      Ge, Jing; Ngo, Le P; Kaushal, Simran; Tay, Ian J; Thadhani, Elina; Kay, Jennifer E; Mazzucato, Patrizia; ... (14 authors) (DNA repair, 2021-10)
      DNA damage can be cytotoxic and mutagenic, and it is directly linked to aging, cancer, and other diseases. To counteract the deleterious effects of DNA damage, cells have evolved highly conserved DNA repair pathways. Many ...
    • Single-cell microarray enables high-throughput evaluation of DNA double-strand breaks and DNA repair inhibitors. 

      Weingeist, David M; Ge, Jing; Wood, David K; Mutamba, James T; Huang, Qiuying; Rowland, Elizabeth A; Yaffe, Michael B; ... (9 authors) (Cell Cycle, 2013-03-15)
      A key modality of non-surgical cancer management is DNA damaging therapy that causes DNA double-strand breaks that are preferentially toxic to rapidly dividing cancer cells. Double-strand break repair capacity is recognized ...