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    • Prosthetic Management Of A Child With A Phocomelic Deficiency 

      Bauer-Hume, Heidi; Wierzba, Sol; Woo, Anne; Bishop, John (1999)
      The subject of this case study is an 8 year old girl who has a phocomelic deficiency of her left uppet extremity. Her phocomelic hand consists of 3 digits including a thumb and has limited strength and range of motion. She ...
    • The Applications Of Alternative Controls For Powered Upper Extremity Prosthetics 

      Sethna, Fram; Bush, Greg; Heim, Winfried; Wierzba, Sol; Antczak, Jerzy (1994)
      Currently, non-myoelectric controls for electro-mechanical prosthetic components include pull switches, rocker switches, harness pull switches, push-button switches, touch pad actuators (Universal Artificial Limb), touch ...