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    • Nanofabrication at high throughput and low cost. 

      Wiley, BJ; Qin, D; Xia, Y (ACS Nano, 2010-07-27)
      The task of nanofabrication can, in principle, be divided into two separate tracks: generation and replication of the patterned features. These two tracks are different in terms of characteristics, requirements, and aspects ...
    • The effect of nanowire length and diameter on the properties of transparent, conducting nanowire films. 

      Bergin, SM; Charbonneau, Patrick; Chen, YH; Li, ZY; Rathmell, AR; Wiley, BJ (Nanoscale, 2012-03-21)
      This article describes how the dimensions of nanowires affect the transmittance and sheet resistance of a random nanowire network. Silver nanowires with independently controlled lengths and diameters were synthesized with ...