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    • Differential response to exercise in claudin-low breast cancer 

      Glass, Oliver Kent; Bowie, Michelle; Fuller, Julie; Darr, D; Usary, J; Boss, K; Choudhury, KR; ... (14 authors) (Oncotarget, 2017-01-01)
      © Glass et al. Exposure to exercise following a breast cancer diagnosis is associated with reductions in the risk of recurrence. However, it is not known whether breast cancers within the same molecular-intrinsic subtypee ...
    • Geographic Expansion of Lyme Disease in the Southeastern United States, 2000-2014. 

      Lantos, PM; Nigrovic, LE; Auwaerter, PG; Fowler, VG; Ruffin, F; Brinkerhoff, RJ; Reber, J; ... (11 authors) (Open Forum Infect Dis, 2015-12)
      Background.  The majority of Lyme disease cases in the United States are acquired on the east coast between northern Virginia and New England. In recent years the geographic extent of Lyme disease has been expanding, raiising ...
    • Three crocodilian genomes reveal ancestral patterns of evolution among archosaurs. 

      Green, RE; Braun, EL; Armstrong, J; Earl, D; Nguyen, N; Hickey, G; Vandewege, MW; ... (55 authors) (Science, 2014-12-12)
      To provide context for the diversification of archosaurs--the group that includes crocodilians, dinosaurs, and birds--we generated draft genomes of three crocodilians: Alligator mississippiensis (the American alligator),, ...