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    • Guidelines for DNA recombination and repair studies: Cellular assays of DNA repair pathways. 

      Klein, Hannah L; Bačinskaja, Giedrė; Che, Jun; Cheblal, Anais; Elango, Rajula; Epshtein, Anastasiya; Fitzgerald, Devon M; ... (48 authors) (Microbial cell (Graz, Austria), 2019-01-07)
      Understanding the plasticity of genomes has been greatly aided by assays for recombination, repair and mutagenesis. These assays have been developed in microbial systems that provide the advantages of genetic and molecular ...
    • Photoacoustic tomography: principles and advances. 

      Xia, Jun; Yao, Junjie; Wang, Lihong V
      Photoacoustic tomography (PAT) is an emerging imaging modality that shows great potential for preclinical research and clinical practice. As a hybrid technique, PAT is based on the acoustic detection of optical absorption ...