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    • Morphology of renormalization-group flow for the de Almeida-Thouless-Gardner universality class 

      Charbonneau, Patrick; Hu, Yi; Raju, Archishman; Sethna, James P; Yaida, Sho
      A replica-symmetry-breaking phase transition is predicted in a host of disordered media. The criticality of the transition has, however, long been questioned below its upper critical dimension, six, due to the absence of ...
    • Zero-temperature glass transition in two dimensions 

      Charbonneau, Patrick; Berthier, Ludovic; Ninarello, Andrea; Ozawa, Misaki; Yaida, Sho
      The nature of the glass transition is theoretically understood in the mean-field limit of infinite spatial dimensions, but the problem remains totally open in physical dimensions. Nontrivial finite-dimensional fluctuations are ...