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    • Development and initial testing of the stroke rapid-treatment readiness tool. 

      Britz, GW; Constable, M; Cox, M; Fonarow, GC; Lin, CB; Olson, DaiWai M; Peterson, Eric David; ... (9 authors) (J Neurosci Nurs, 2014-10)
      No instruments are currently available to help health systems identify target areas for reducing door-to-needle times for the administration of intravenous tissue plasminogen activator to eligible patients with ischemic ...
    • Medication coaching program for patients with minor stroke or TIA: a pilot study. 

      Bushnell, Cheryl Diane; Olson, DaiWai M; Pan, Wenqin; Peterson, Eric David; Sides, EG; Wilson, L; Zimmer, LO (BMC Public Health, 2012-07-25)
      BACKGROUND: Patients who are hospitalized with a first or recurrent stroke often are discharged with new medications or adjustment to the doses of pre-admission medications, which can be confusing and pose safety issues ...