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    • Robotic versus port-access mitral repair: A propensity score analysis. 

      Barac, Yaron D; Loungani, Rahul S; Sabulsky, Richard; Zwischenberger, Brittany; Gaca, Jeffrey; Carr, Keith; Glower, Donald D (Journal of cardiac surgery, 2021-04)
      <h4>Background</h4>Port-access (PORT) and robotic (ROBO) mitral repair are well established, but differences in patient selection and outcomes are not well documented.<h4>Methods</h4>A retrospective analysis was performed ...
    • Using a Regent Aortic Valve in a Small Annulus Mitral Position Is a Viable Option. 

      Barac, Yaron D; Zwischenberger, Brittany; Schroder, Jacob N; Daneshmand, Mani A; Haney, John C; Gaca, Jeffrey G; Wang, Andrew; ... (9 authors) (The Annals of thoracic surgery, 2018-04)
      BACKGROUND:Outcome of mitral valve replacement in extreme scenarios of small mitral annulus with the use of the Regent mechanical aortic valve is not well documented. METHODS:Records were examined in 31 consecutive patients ...