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    • Data-driven discovery of the spatial scales of habitat choice by elephants. 

      Mashintonio, Andrew F; Pimm, Stuart L; Harris, Grant M; van Aarde, Rudi J; Russell, Gareth J (PeerJ, 2014-01)
      Setting conservation goals and management objectives relies on understanding animal habitat preferences. Models that predict preferences combine location data from tracked animals with environmental information, usually ...
    • Savanna elephant numbers are only a quarter of their expected values. 

      Robson, Ashley S; Trimble, Morgan J; Purdon, Andrew; Young-Overton, Kim D; Pimm, Stuart L; van Aarde, Rudi J (PloS one, 2017-01)
      Savannas once constituted the range of many species that human encroachment has now reduced to a fraction of their former distribution. Many survive only in protected areas. Poaching reduces the savanna elephant, even where ...
    • The 2020 elephant die-off in Botswana. 

      van Aarde, Rudi J; Pimm, Stuart L; Guldemond, Robert; Huang, Ryan; Maré, Celesté (PeerJ, 2021-01-11)
      The cause of deaths of 350 elephants in 2020 in a relatively small unprotected area of northern Botswana is unknown, and may never be known. Media speculations about it ignore ecological realities. Worse, they make conjectures ...