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    • 3D Object Representations for Robot Perception 

      Burchfiel, Benjamin Clark Malloy (2019)
      Reasoning about 3D objects is one of the most critical perception problems robots face; outside of navigation, most interactions between a robot and its environment are object-centric. Object-centric robot perception has ...
    • Clinical and Research Applications of 3D Dosimetry 

      Juang, Titania (2015-01-01)
      Quality assurance (QA) is a critical component of radiation oncology medical physics for both effective treatment and patient safety, particularly as innovations in technology allow movement toward advanced treatment techniques ...
    • Duke Digital Initiative Midyear Report for Fall 2010 

      Belanger, Yvonne (2011-02)
      In Fall 2010, DDI sponsored programs in four main areas: iPads, Poll Everywhere, 3-D Exploration, Waterproof HD Video Camera.
    • Duke Digital Initiative Summary Report for 2010-2011 

      Belanger, Yvonne (2011-07)
      The Duke Digital Initiative (DDI) is a multi-year program of experimentation, development and implementation of new and emerging technologies to explore their effective use in support of the university's mission. This report ...