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    • Clustering by alcoholic Korsakoff patients. 

      Rubin, David; Butters, N (Neuropsychologia, 1981-01)
      Twelve alcoholic Korsakoff patients and 12 alcoholic controls recalled two clusterable lists, and two nonclusterable lists. Korsakoff patients recalled more from the clusterable than the nonclusterable lists. Detailed analysis ...
    • Memory for prose in Korsakoff and schizophrenic populations. 

      Rubin, David; Olson, EH; Richter, M; Butters, N (The International journal of neuroscience, 1981-01)
      Twelve alcoholic Korsakoff patients, their 12 alcoholic controls, and 27 institutionalized schizophrenics and their 19 controls, recalled two stories. The clinical populations recalled approximately half as much as their ...