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    • Deficiency of α-1-antitrypsin influences systemic iron homeostasis. 

      Ghio, Andrew J; Soukup, Joleen M; Richards, Judy H; Fischer, Bernard M; Voynow, Judith A; Schmechel, Donald E (Int J Chron Obstruct Pulmon Dis, 2013)
      There is evidence that proteases and antiproteases participate in the iron homeostasis of cells and living systems. We tested the postulate that α-1 antitrypsin (A1AT) polymorphism and the consequent deficiency ...
    • Fluctuation Effects in One-Dimensional Superconducting Nanowires 

      Li, Peng (2010)
      This thesis focuses on the fluctuation in the switching current $I_s$ of superconducting Al nanowires. We discovered that the maximum current which nanowires can support is limited by a single phase slip at low temperature. ...
    • The Anthropocene is functionally and stratigraphically distinct from the Holocene. 

      Waters, Colin N; Zalasiewicz, Jan; Summerhayes, Colin; Barnosky, Anthony D; Poirier, Clément; Gałuszka, Agnieszka; Cearreta, Alejandro; ... (24 authors) (Science (New York, N.Y.), 2016-01)
      Human activity is leaving a pervasive and persistent signature on Earth. Vigorous debate continues about whether this warrants recognition as a new geologic time unit known as the Anthropocene. We review anthropogenic markers ...