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    • A polyaxonal amacrine cell population in the primate retina. 

      Greschner, Martin; Field, Greg D; Li, Peter H; Schiff, Max L; Gauthier, Jeffrey L; Ahn, Daniel; Sher, Alexander; ... (9 authors) (The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience, 2014-03)
      Amacrine cells are the most diverse and least understood cell class in the retina. Polyaxonal amacrine cells (PACs) are a unique subset identified by multiple long axonal processes. To explore their functional properties, ...
    • High-sensitivity rod photoreceptor input to the blue-yellow color opponent pathway in macaque retina. 

      Field, Greg D; Greschner, Martin; Gauthier, Jeffrey L; Rangel, Carolina; Shlens, Jonathon; Sher, Alexander; Marshak, David W; ... (9 authors) (Nat Neurosci, 2009-09)
      Small bistratified cells (SBCs) in the primate retina carry a major blue-yellow opponent signal to the brain. We found that SBCs also carry signals from rod photoreceptors, with the same sign as S cone input. SBCs exhibited ...
    • Identification of a Retinal Circuit for Recurrent Suppression Using Indirect Electrical Imaging. 

      Greschner, Martin; Heitman, Alexander K; Field, Greg D; Li, Peter H; Ahn, Daniel; Sher, Alexander; Litke, Alan M; ... (8 authors) (Current biology : CB, 2016-08)
      Understanding the function of modulatory interneuron networks is a major challenge, because such networks typically operate over long spatial scales and involve many neurons of different types. Here, we use an indirect electrical ...