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    • Explorations in Olfactory Receptor Structure and Function 

      Ho, Jianghai (2014)
      Olfaction is one of the most primitive of our senses, and the olfactory receptors that mediate this very important chemical sense comprise the largest family of genes in the mammalian genome. It is therefore surprising that ...
    • Field methods for capture and measurement of three monkey species in Costa Rica. 

      Chapman, Colin A; Fedigan, Laurence; Fedigan, Linda M; Glander, Kenneth Earl (Folia Primatol (Basel), 1991)
      A total of 54 free-ranging monkeys were captured and marked in Santa Rosa National Park, Costa Rica, during May 1985, and an additional 17 were captured during March 1986. The animals were darted using a blowpipe or a CO2 ...