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    • Antineoplastic Cytotoxicity and Immune Adjuvancy of a Recombinant Oncolytic Poliovirus 

      Brown, Michael Clavon (2016)
      Our group has pioneered the development of a live-attenuated poliovirus, called PVSRIPO, for the purpose of targeting cancer. Despite clinical progress, the cancer selective cytotoxicity and immunotherapeutic potential of ...
    • RNA-Based Vaccines in Cancer Immunotherapy. 

      McNamara, Megan A; Nair, Smita K; Holl, Eda K (J Immunol Res, 2015)
      RNA vaccines traditionally consist of messenger RNA synthesized by in vitro transcription using a bacteriophage RNA polymerase and template DNA that encodes the antigen(s) of interest. Once administered and internalized ...