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    • Allosteric modulation of nucleoporin assemblies by intrinsically disordered regions. 

      Coutavas, Elias; Blus, Bartlomiej Jan; Koh, Junseock; Krolak, Aleksandra; Seo, Hyuk-Soo; Blobel, Günter (Science advances, 2019-11-27)
      Intrinsically disordered regions (IDRs) of proteins are implicated in key macromolecular interactions. However, the molecular forces underlying IDR function within multicomponent assemblies remain elusive. By combining ...
    • Comparison of the molecular properties of retinitis pigmentosa P23H and N15S amino acid replacements in rhodopsin. 

      Iannaccone, Alessandro; Mitchell, James; Balem, Fernanda; Tirupula, Kalyan; Man, David; Dhiman, Harpreet Kaur; Yanamala, Naveena; ... (12 authors) (PloS one, 2019-01)
      Mutations in the RHO gene encoding for the visual pigment protein, rhodopsin, are among the most common cause of autosomal dominant retinitis pigmentosa (ADRP). Previous studies of ADRP mutations in different domains of ...
    • Protein prenylation restrains innate immunity by inhibiting Rac1 effector interactions. 

      Wang, Donghai; Akula, Murali K; Ibrahim, Mohamed X; Ivarsson, Emil G; Khan, Omar M; Kumar, Israiel T; Erlandsson, Malin; ... (14 authors) (Nature communications, 2019-09-04)
      Rho family proteins are prenylated by geranylgeranyltransferase type I (GGTase-I), which normally target proteins to membranes for GTP-loading. However, conditional deletion of GGTase-I in mouse macrophages increases GTP-loading ...