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    • Autophagy in Metabolism, Cell Death, and Leukemogenesis 

      Altman, Brian James (2011)
      Tissue homeostasis is controlled by the availability of growth factors, which sustain exogenous nutrient uptake and prevent apoptosis. Cancer cells, however, can express constitutively active oncogenic kinases such as BCR-Abl ...
    • The Role of MEK in Leukemogenesis 

      Chung, Eva (2011)
      Hematopoiesis is the continual process of blood cell generation that primarily occurs in the bone marrow of adult animals. Hematologic neoplasms can also occur in the bone marrow and often result from dysregulation of signal ...
    • The Roles of the Bcl-2 Family Proteins in T Lymphocyte Development and Homeostasis 

      Dunkle, Alexis DeHaven (2011)
      Throughout their development in the thymus and during their maintenance and the immunological response in the periphery, T cells rely on the regulation of classical apoptotic pathways to promote cell survival or death. Several ...