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    • Detecting separate time scales in genetic expression data. 

      Ahnert, Sebastian; Benfey, PN; Brady, SM; Fink, TM; Orlando, DA (BMC Genomics, 2010-06-16)
      BACKGROUND: Biological processes occur on a vast range of time scales, and many of them occur concurrently. As a result, system-wide measurements of gene expression have the potential to capture many of these processes ...
    • Effectiveness of mentoring programs for youth: a meta-analytic review. 

      Cooper, Harris M; DuBois, DL; Holloway, BE; Valentine, JC (Am J Community Psychol, 2002-04)
      We used meta-analysis to review 55 evaluations of the effects of mentoring programs on youth. Overall, findings provide evidence of only a modest or small benefit of program participation for the average youth. Program effects ...