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    • Essays on Education Policy 

      Francis, Dania Veronica (2013)
      This dissertation consists of three essays on the topic of education policy. In the first essay, I evaluate the impacts of a teacher quality equity law that was enacted in California in the fall of 2006 prohibiting ...
    • Metrology Standards for Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers. 

      Barboriak, Daniel; Sullivan, Daniel; Obuchowski, Nancy A; Kessler, Larry G; Raunig, David L; Gatsonis, Constantine; Huang, Erich P; ... (12 authors) (Radiology, 2015-12)
      Although investigators in the imaging community have been active in developing and evaluating quantitative imaging biomarkers (QIBs), the development and implementation of QIBs have been hampered by the inconsistent or incorrect ...
    • Security Without Equity? The Effect of Secure Communities on Racial Profiling by Police 

      Willoughby, Jack (2015-04-14)
      Anecdotal and circumstantial evidence suggest that the implementation of Secure Communities, a federal program that allows police officers to more easily identify illegal immigrants, has increased racial bias by police. ...