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    • A census of marine biodiversity knowledge, resources, and future challenges. 

      Coll, M; Costello, MJ; Danovaro, R; Halpin, Patrick N; Miloslavich, P; Ojaveer, H (PLoS One, 2010-08-02)
    • A novel framework for analyzing conservation impacts: evaluation, theory, and marine protected areas. 

      Agrawal, A; Ahmadia, GN; Barnes, M; Basurto, Xavier; Craigie, I; Darling, Emily; Fox, HE; ... (20 authors) (Ann N Y Acad Sci, 2017-07)
      Environmental conservation initiatives, including marine protected areas (MPAs), have proliferated in recent decades. Designed to conserve marine biodiversity, many MPAs also seek to foster sustainable development. As is ...
    • An ecosystem-based deep-ocean strategy. 

      Van Dover, Cindy; Danovaro, R; Aguzzi, J; Fanelli, E; Billett, D; Gjerde, K; Jamieson, A; ... (11 authors) (Science (New York, N.Y.), 2017-02)
    • An estimate of the number of tropical tree species. 

      Adekunle, V; Adou Yao, CY; Aiba, S-I; Alvarez-Loayza, P; Alves, LF; Amaral, ILD; Amarnath, G; ... (172 authors) (Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2015-06-16)
      The high species richness of tropical forests has long been recognized, yet there remains substantial uncertainty regarding the actual number of tropical tree species. Using a pantropical tree inventory database from closed ...
    • An Information Systems Strategy for the Environmental Conservation Community 

      Barker, Kristin (2008-04-25)
      As the cause of environmental conservation emerges as a global priority, the need for a practical information systems strategy shared among conservation organizations becomes imperative. Historically, researchers ...

      Leddick, Jesse (2008-12-04)
      Biological diversity is a critical component controlling ecosystem function and resiliency, yet it remains difficult to measure at the spatial and temporal scales relevant to conservation. Recently, biodiversity surrogates ...
    • Avian Distribution Patterns and Conservation in Amazonia 

      Vale, Mariana M (2007-10-19)
      In this dissertation, I address the distribution and conservation of the Amazonian avifauna at several different scales. In Chapter 1, I looked at how the spatial bias in ornithological collections affects our understanding ...
    • BioTools: Developing and Investing in Biodiversity Responsible Business 

      Sater, Mary (2010-09-03)
      The objective for these tools is to encourage the conservation of biodiversity through private sector investment in biodiversity business. The tools seek to enable both investors and business developers to create viable ...
    • Clean Water Through Conservation in the Jordan Lake Watershed 

      Tucker, Emily; Ray, James; Parks, Ryan (2019-04-25)
      Watershed management is becoming increasingly holistic. Novel approaches are needed to satisfy the interests of diverse stakeholders – including municipal water users, environmental groups, and agricultural communities. ...
    • Comparative genomics reveals insights into avian genome evolution and adaptation. 

      Alfaro-Núñez, A; Alström, P; An, N; Antunes, A; Avian Genome Consortium; Bertelsen, MF; Borges, R; ... (106 authors) (Science, 2014-12-12)
      Birds are the most species-rich class of tetrapod vertebrates and have wide relevance across many research fields. We explored bird macroevolution using full genomes from 48 avian species representing all major extant clades. ...
    • Delimiting species without nuclear monophyly in Madagascar's mouse lemurs. 

      Fiorentino, I; Goodman, SM; Kappeler, PM; Ralison, JM; Rasoloarison, RM; Weisrock, DW; Yoder, Anne Daphne (PLoS One, 2010-03-31)
      BACKGROUND: Speciation begins when populations become genetically separated through a substantial reduction in gene flow, and it is at this point that a genetically cohesive set of populations attain the sole property of ...
    • Ecological restoration of rich fens in Europe and North America: from trial and error to an evidence-based approach. 

      Acreman, MC; Evans, MG; Grootjans, AP; Kooijman, AM; Lamers, LPM; Richardson, Curtis J; Rochefort, L; ... (11 authors) (Biol Rev Camb Philos Soc, 2015-02)
      Fens represent a large array of ecosystem services, including the highest biodiversity found among wetlands, hydrological services, water purification and carbon sequestration. Land-use change and drainage has severely damaged ...
    • Environmental conditions influence the plant functional diversity effect on potential denitrification. 

      McGill, BM; Richardson, Curtis J; Sutton-Grier, AE; Wright, Justin Prouty (PLoS One, 2011-02-02)
      Global biodiversity loss has prompted research on the relationship between species diversity and ecosystem functioning. Few studies have examined how plant diversity impacts belowground processes; even fewer have examined ...
    • Forty years of fathoming life in hot springs on the ocean floor. 

      Van Dover, Cindy (Nature, 2019-03)
      © 2019, Nature. Ocean-floor hot springs teeming with animal life were reported 40 years ago. How has knowledge of life thriving in such extreme conditions grown since then, and what challenges remain for exploration and ...
    • Gap Analysis of Five Orders in Great Smoky Mountain National Park: A Quantification of Inventory Gaps 

      Jasny, Micah (2016-04-21)
      Global biodiversity is currently in a state of crisis with human alterations to the environment exacerbating extinctions so that extinction rates now exceed 1,000 times normal background rates (Lees & Pimm, 2015, Nicholas ...
    • Global protected area impacts. 

      Joppa, LN; Pfaff, Alexander (Proc Biol Sci, 2011-06-07)
      Protected areas (PAs) dominate conservation efforts. They will probably play a role in future climate policies too, as global payments may reward local reductions of loss of natural land cover. We estimate the impact of ...
    • Implementation Effectiveness of Corporate Environmental Policies & Strategies 

      Weikel, Marielle Canter (2008-08-28)
      Conservation International (CI) has for many years recognized both the impact private sector development has on global biodiversity and the opportunity companies present to achieving biodiversity conservation results if ...
    • Making marine life count: a new baseline for policy. 

      Ausubel, J; Baker, DJ; Clark, MR; Garcia, SM; Halpin, Patrick N; Mannix, H; Poiner, I; ... (9 authors) (PLoS Biol, 2010-10-26)
      The Census of Marine Life aids practical work of the Convention on Biological Diversity, discovers and tracks ocean biodiversity, and supports marine environmental planning.

      Ryman, Ginevra (2010-04-29)
      Many non-profit conservation organizations resort to measuring their success in term of acres protected and dollars raised, also known as ‘bucks and acres’, for lack of better indicators. However, it is unclear how well ...
    • Non-neutral vegetation dynamics. 

      Marani, Marco; Zillio, T; Belluco, E; Silvestri, Sonia; Maritan, A (PLoS One, 2006-12-20)
      The neutral theory of biodiversity constitutes a reference null hypothesis for the interpretation of ecosystem dynamics and produces relatively simple analytical descriptions of basic system properties, which can be easily ...